Getting The Best Performance From Your Company's Branded Polo Shirts

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Getting The Best Performance From Your Company's Branded Polo Shirts

25 July 2017
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Keeping your employees looking their best is an important aspect of ensuring that your clients and customers get a positive impression from your employees. Investing in branded polo shirts can be an excellent way of providing your employees with high-quality uniforms, but you should incorporate a few practices when it comes to your uniforms.

Opt For Embroidery

The way that you have your logo put on the polo shirts will play a major role in determining their longevity. While screen printing will likely have a much lower initial cost, they can be a more expensive option over the long-term. This is due to the screen printed logo gradually degrading until it starts to peel off. You can minimize this problem by opting for an embroidered logo. This option will be stitched into the fabric, which will help it be a much more durable option than traditional screen printing.

Keep Spare Shirts Available

When you are ordering shirts for your employees, you should always order a few extras to have available in the event that an employee loses their shirt or it becomes too damaged to be worn in a professional setting. For the best results, you should keep a few additional shirts of every size sold. This will ensure that you can provide a shirt to any employee that needs it. If you are concerned about the costs of ordering these additional shirts, you can institute a policy that mandates the employees purchases replacements from the business.

Provide Care Instructions To Your Employees

It can be a common mistake for businesses to assure that employees will not need any care instructions for their uniforms. However, there are many steps that can greatly extend the life of a custom branded polo shirt that can be easily overlooked. As an example, many employees will not realize the advantages of turning their shirts inside out before washing them. Also, these individuals may not appreciate the fact that a traditional dryer can be extremely damaging to a branded polo shirt. For those that have opted for screen printing, it can be possible for the ink from the screen printing to be worn away from the intense heat that is found in the dryer. Luckily, you will not need to blindly guess at the best practices for caring for your polo shirts as companies that provide these shirts will frequently include highly detailed care instructions in their packing. Copying these instructions and giving the to your workers can help to keep their work shirts in the best condition possible.

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