Maintaining Your New Cat's Litter Box

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Maintaining Your New Cat's Litter Box

26 September 2019
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Having a cat as a companion can be a popular option for individuals that want a pet that requires less maintenance and space than a dog. However, indoor cats will still need to have their litter changed on a regular basis. For new cat owners, litter box maintenance can be one of the bigger adjustments to make.

Understand The Problems That Infrequently Changing Your Cat's Litter Can Cause

Cat owners will often underestimate the importance of regularly scooping their cat's litter to remove waste and completely changing the litter every few days. Failing to do this can cause the litter to become extremely smelly, which can cause the interior of the house to develop an unpleasant odor. Furthermore, it can also expose your cat to a greater risk of developing a variety of health conditions due to using contaminated litter. These problems will often take the form of urinary problems, but it can impact other areas as well. For example, if the cat has a cut, bacteria from the dirty litter can get into it, which can cause severe infections.

Take Steps To Avoid Inhaling The Litter When Changing The Litter

When changing the litter, new cat owners will often underestimate the amount of particulate matter that will become airborne. Inhaling these particles can be extremely unpleasant, and it can cause individuals with respiratory issues to experience complications or reactions. To reduce the risk of inhaling the dust from the litter, a protective face mask should be worn. This mask will filter out these particles so that you will not have to worry about inhaling them. Due to the smell from the litter, opting for a scented face mask can be an effective option for reducing your discomfort while handling the cat's dirty litter.

Invest In High-Quality Litter Pickup Tools

Scooping the cat's litter is a task that you will need to do throughout the day. Otherwise, waste can accumulate in the box, which can cause it to deteriorate more quickly. Investing in a high-quality litter pickup tool will make cleaning your cat's box much more efficient as these tools will be able to separate the used litter and waste so that you can easily discard them. While these tools can be extremely useful, they will rapidly become dirty. Making sure to regularly clean them can help to mitigate this, but individuals will still need to wash their hands after any time that they handle these tools or interact with their cat's litter box.

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