A Rustic Planter Display For Your Back Yard

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A Rustic Planter Display For Your Back Yard

14 September 2020
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An antique door that is used in lieu of a gate and that leads to an eclectic grouping of vintage decor may have inspired you to purchase a wagon wheel planter display. A wagon wheel that has been repurposed and that has several planters secured to its rim can be used to house a collection of wildflowers or distinct plant types that are native to the region.

A Yard That Is Filled With Interesting Items

Classic items that one may expect to find along roadways or inside of homes are popular decorative materials for private retreats. Add some color and texture that will draw attention to a specific area or that will serve as the perfect backdrop for a Sunday brunch or a backyard barbecue. Shop for a wagon wheel planter display that features signs of weathering, either through the natural aging process or through manufacturing efforts.

A metal wheel that is symbolic of an older item may feature small rust spots or chipped paint, which is an indicator that the wheel has been used to haul goods on multiple occasions. If you decide to purchase a planter display that contains raw wood components that are new, use painting techniques to provide the planter with a rustic vibe. Dark paint hues that are blended together or uneven brushstrokes that give the display's surface a rudimentary appearance will camouflage the fact that the planter display is new.

An Interchangeable Or Permanent Display

You can plant seeds inside of each planter, transplant existing wildflowers or interesting plants that are growing in your yard, or set plant holders inside of each planter. If you like to change up the appearance of your yard on a seasonal basis or if you live in a region where the temperature dips well below freezing on many nights, opt for an interchangeable display that features potted plants.

This will allow you to bring the plants into your home during cold weather, and you will have the option of utilizing some other varieties for a subsequent display setup. After purchasing a wagon wheel planter, decide where it will be best suited. Leaning the wheel up along the base of a tree or a shed or using an anchoring device to provide plenty of support so that the planter can be displayed in a central location are two options. Use drop lighting to draw attention to the display.

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