Screen Print T Shirts And Other Unconventional, But Smart Ways To Market Your House!

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Screen Print T Shirts And Other Unconventional, But Smart Ways To Market Your House!

26 January 2015
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Choosing to sell your home by yourself is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to keep the home in pristine condition for showing and worry about inspections, pricing and contract issues, you also have to get the attention of any qualified buyers who might want to purchase the home. Real estate agents are able to get extensive market exposure by listing the home in the multiple listing service, but home sellers do not have this option when selling privately.

Therefore, it is essential that they find alternate ways to get the market exposure they need to find a great buyer. If you are selling your home on your own or would like to do so in the future, here are some cheap, but unique and effective ways to market your home:

Go Full Throttle With Social Media

People love to share information that they find helpful, amusing or just plain interesting and social media is a great way for homeowners to capitalize on this.

  • Start a blog about your home and title it so that it will be found by the search engines when buyers are searching for real estate in your area. For example, if your home is located in Happytown, you might call your blog "See Inside My Home for Sale in Happytown." This includes the phrase "home for sale" as well as the city name that buyers might input into the search box when querying the Internet for available real estate in your area. In addition, put lots of quality photos on the blog, as well as community and school information. Update the blog daily with area happenings, selling points, additional photos or entertaining articles to keep the content fresh.
  • Create an accompanying profile on other sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and link these to the blog.
  • Film an online tour of your home, inside and out and publish it to YouTube and be sure to link it to your blog, as well as add it to your Twitterfeed and Facebook posts.

Create Moving Billboards

In many cases, your home may be most suited to another family that you or someone you know is already acquainted with. To reach these buyers, focus on inexpensive ways to get the word out to your circle of friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.

  • Screen print t shirts with a photo of your home and the web address of the blog emblazoned on the back and recruit friends, neighbors and relatives to wear them when running errands.
  • Wrap your car with an inexpensive vehicle wrap that includes photos of your home, the web address to your blog, and your phone number to make it a traveling billboard.

Leave a Card Behind Wherever You Go

Use a home printer to create inexpensive business card advertisements for your home and instruct all family members to carry some with them at all times and leave one on every cash register, bulletin board or restaurant table they encounter. To learn more, contact a company like Absolute Screen Printing with any questions you have.