Before You Pray: Purposeful Preparation For Prayer And Meditation

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Before You Pray: Purposeful Preparation For Prayer And Meditation

24 February 2015
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Prayer and meditation are effective ways to eliminate stress from your life. They can help you relax amidst the distractions of a busy and noisy world. Having the right tools and a quiet place to pray or meditate is vital if you want to achieve the most benefits from these practices.

Choosing a place

A place away from distractions is crucial. If you share your home with others, you should choose a room with a door that locks. If you truly want to connect with your inner self or a higher power, you will need to be alone and focus.

Scheduling your time alone is important. Mark it in your planner and treat it like an important appointment. Ask your family members to respect your alone time to avoid interruptions. You can also go to a secluded spot outdoors if one is available.

Enhancing your experience

Things that stimulate your natural senses can enhance your prayer and meditation time. Lightly scented incense is helpful for creating an enjoyable atmosphere. Try to avoid strong scents that may overpower the senses.

Water fountains stimulate the sense of hearing. Simply listening to trickling water is relaxing. It is also a good way to block out background noise if you live in a busy household.

Candles are pleasing to the sense of sight. Lightly scented candles can perform the double duty of stimulating sight and smell.

Don't forget the sense of taste. Herbal teas are good choices for prayer and meditation. Feeling the warmth of the cup in your hands is calming, and the herbs can help you to unwind prior to your time of prayer or meditation.

If desired, fresh fruits can be savored. Take time to eat slowly and enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruit. Avoid excessive eating that can cause you to feel sluggish. Stay away from processed or unnatural foods. The goal is not to eliminate hunger, but to stimulate the sense of taste and get in touch with your body as a whole.

Books and journals

A Bible is good to have on hand if you want to meditate on a specific scripture verse. A small notebook is useful if you want to journal your prayers or thoughts. Journals are helpful tools for recording your revelations, thoughts, and answers to prayers.

A journal can be a legacy you leave for future generations. It's a roadmap of your journey of faith. Your thoughts and reflections have the power to help future generations.

Planning your prayer and meditation time is the first step you need to take if you want to bring peace and serenity into your life. Having a place to be alone, and the right tools on hand, will help you to experience a true body and soul connection.