Six Mistakes To Avoid When You're Caring For A Leather Jacket

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Six Mistakes To Avoid When You're Caring For A Leather Jacket

28 September 2017
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Leather looks great and is very fashionable in a jacket design. However, it also can be fragile and needs to be cared for to avoid damage through the years.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when you're caring for a leather jacket:

Never reading the label for cleaning and care instructions

While there are some general care instructions that can be followed with leather, the best source of information on how you should do cleaning is the jacket label itself.

When you first purchase a leather jacket, you should carefully read the tag to find out how the manufacturer recommends that you clean it. 

Neglecting to spot clean quickly when there are stains

The best way to keep your leather jacket looking great is to handle stains with some careful spot cleaning right when they happen. If you leave them, they will set deeper into the leather and could eventually become impossible to remove. 

You can spot clean on leather by using a gentle washcloth and a little lukewarm water. You can softly wipe away the stain. Alternatively, you may try to purchase a commercial leather cleaning product from a leather goods store to more effectively remove stains. 

After you have done spot cleaning, you should carefully dry off the jacket and make sure you don't leave any lingering moisture. 

Machine washing your leather jacket

Machine washing leather is always a no-no. While moistening small portions of a leather jacket during spot cleaning shouldn't cause any damage, soaking the entire jacket will definitely cause permanent damage.

There aren't a lot of options for cleaning leather jackets other than spot cleaning. Dry cleaning is not appropriate for leather. It's best to just prevent your jacket from becoming soiled by using it sparingly for special occasions. 

Being rough with your jacket

A leather jacket can easily become scuffed if it is rubbed up against hard or sharp objects. Be conscious of scuff marks by being as gentle as possible with your leather jacket when you're wearing it. 

Putting your leather jacket down in a bunch rather than hanging it

Tossing a leather jacket into a heap could cause wrinkles to develop. It's best to hang your leather jacket at all times to avoid permanent damage. 

Storing a leather jacket in an area where humidity is not controlled

If you're storing a leather jacket over the summer, make sure you store it in an environment where humidity levels are controlled. Excessively high or low humidity can allow moisture to saturate leather and create water damage issues. 

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