Get These Custom Novelty Medals Made Up Before Your Company Softball Tournament

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Get These Custom Novelty Medals Made Up Before Your Company Softball Tournament

5 March 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

When your company has an annual softball tournament, it's fun to put together a series of special touches that will help to make the event memorable. There are many different ideas that you can pursue, but one idea is to have custom medals made up to hand out to players during the meal at the conclusion of the round of play. Use your sense of humor to get some medals made that give everyone reason to smile. While you might wish to have medals for the winning team, there are lots of fun ways to approach these custom creations. Here are some examples.

Best Set Of Wheels

At work, you probably don't have a clue which of your employees is the fastest runner. However, during a day of playing softball, the employee who is quickest in the field and on the basepaths will quickly become apparent and may be a key player on his or her team. It can be fun to recognize this employee's speediness with a custom medal named "Best Set Of Wheels."

Most Warm-Up Swings

There may be a player who swings and misses while up to bat several times, which might seem a little embarrassing but can also be a significant source of good-natured laughing and teasing from his or her fellow employees. In events of this nature, people will often call out "Way to get warmed up" when a player swings and misses, so a custom medal that reflects this sentiment can be fun.

Best Teammate

A company softball tournament can be a valuable way to see which employees are valuable teammates — and this may not only be evident on the softball field, but also at work. If there's a particular player who is constantly cheering on his or her softball teammates, as well as being supportive of the players on the other team, it's fitting to recognize this person with a "Best Teammate" custom medal.

Biggest Cannon

In softball, a player who has a strong throwing arm is often referred to as having a "cannon." This can be an attribute that you recognize with a custom medal, too — and it's something that can be fun to witness and hand out, as you probably don't know the throwing abilities of your staff members. Watch for someone who plays in the outfield and makes consistently strong and accurate throws to the infield, and then award this person with the "Biggest Cannon" custom medal.

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