The Top Ten Classic Pranks and Gags for the Joker in Your Family

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The Top Ten Classic Pranks and Gags for the Joker in Your Family

18 May 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Joke gift ideas are the ideal thing to give that one relative who's such a prankster and a joker. If you are not familiar with gags and pranks, despite having a joker in the family, you need to brush up a little before you buy him/her a birthday gift. The following ten ideas are the quintessential top ten gags and pranks of all time.

  1. The Whoopee Cushion: This classic gag/prank is an inflatable rubber disc complete with a special valve in the neck of the air intake area. The valve slowly releases the air inside the "cushion," making a farting noise. Placed on a seat right before an unsuspecting prank victim sits down, it is considered the king of all gags and pranks.
  2. Nuts, or Snakes, in a Can: A spring located in the bottom of this fake can of nuts forces three fake snakes to jump out at the person who removes the lid. The higher-end models of this gag have a very realistic exterior that looks like a generic snack can of nuts, making it easier for the prankster to prank a victim.
  3. Electric Shock Gum: These "packs of gum" look just like popular packs of gum sold at the grocery store or in vending machines. There is just one trick: In the enclosed end of the "pack," there is a mechanism that produces a small volt of electricity that zaps the victim when he/she tries to pull a stick of gum from the pack.
  4. Finger Snap Gum: This gum is similar to the electric shock gum, except that instead of a shock, the victim gets his/her finger snapped by a sort of spring-mounted rat trap-like device. 
  5. Mouth-Discoloring Gum: Pranksters really like the gum tricks because people fall for these tricks all the time. One of the oldest and most well-known of these tricks is the mouth-discoloring gum. It is real gum, but the minute the victim starts chewing it, a dye is released that turns his/her mouth entirely black. 
  6. Cockroach Gum: For this prank, a plastic but realistic-looking cockroach is inside the "pack" of gum. When the person being pranked tries to pull a stick of gum out of the wrapper, the cockroach comes with it, landing on his/her finger.
  7. Fountain Pen with Disappearing Ink: This beautiful fountain pen looks like the real, and very expensive, deal. There are two main differences: This pen only takes disappearing ink, and it squirts instead of writes.
  8. Itching Powder: If you have cases of head lice or you want to get somebody really itchy while discussing bed bugs, you sprinkle them with itching powder to get them really paranoid. Itching powder is the definitive practical joker's gag. The victim will itch and scratch until the powder is washed off.
  9. Exploding Golf Balls: If the prankster/joker in your family is also a golfer, he/she will love these exploding golf balls. They explode safely on impact from a golf club.
  10. The Classic Hand Buzzer: How many times does your family member shake hands in a day? Maybe the classic hand buzzer is the perfect gift for him/her.

One or more of the above joke gift ideas would make a nice birthday or holiday gift for your family member who likes practical jokes and pranks.