Two Key Decorating Ideas To Make Your Walls Pop

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Two Key Decorating Ideas To Make Your Walls Pop

6 July 2018
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When you're planning out how you want to decorate your home it's quite natural to place a big emphasis on the furniture and flooring. The sofas and other seating you select are key because if you don't place them correctly you'll probably lack that flow which makes it seem so comfortable and relaxing for family and friends to spend time together. As you're designing these parts of your house, you also need to give some thought to what you plan to do with the walls. Walls are the major backdrop that sweeps throughout your house and ties everything together. Employ a few of these easy techniques and you'll find that your walls just might start to sing.

Shadow Box Frames Add Style & Function

Instead of using the basic, two-dimensional frames that seem to line the walls of so many people's homes, it's time for you to punch things up a notch. Shadow box frames give you a three-dimensional design that's fun to look at while being practical at the same time.

You might remember some of the shadow box frames in houses that you went into as a child. Perhaps the frames contained a beach scene, with sand covering the bottom of the frame while an material simulating the ocean harbored a tall ship that seemed to float within the image. It's a touching memory and one that you can spice up and make modern with just a few simple fixes.

How about displaying some of your favorite pieces of jewelry or the medals that your children have won in recent sporting events inside of the shadow box frames? It's a great way to conserve space because all of those items that would normally need to find a place on your mantle can now cover the walls in a decorative way.

For more information about shadow boxes, contact a frame designer like Hoosier Highlander

Picture Stacking Is A Fun Trend

Some people used to be afraid to put more than a single picture on each wall in their house, either because they didn't want to risk overloading the wall with nail holes or because it was just the thing to do.

Picture stacking is a great trend that you can use to create a wall that actually becomes a conversation piece. There are even tools you can purchase which will allow you to only put one hole in a wall while extending out arms where you can stack the pictures without doing much damage.

Making the walls in your house look good means that you don't have to do much work to anything else. The walls will then do all of the talking for you.