Antler Decor For The Lodge-Look

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Antler Decor For The Lodge-Look

26 August 2018
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Whether you have a log home, need to decorate a man cave or cabin for that special hunter in your life, or just love rustic décor, antlers play a prominent role in creating the lodge look. Here are five must-have ideas for bringing this style to your home or cabin.

Antler Lighting

Bring a cozy glow to every corner of your home with unique antler light fixtures. From table lamps to wall sconces to massive chandeliers made from many racks, antler lighting will set the stage for your theme. You can also get antler candle holders for when you want dim, intimate lighting.

Antler Wall Racks And Hooks

With their many tines, antlers are natural coat hooks, perfect for hanging your favorite wool flannel shirts. They're also equally at home in the kitchen for hanging your collection of cast iron pans, on the back of the bedroom doors for hanging up robes, on the bathroom wall to hang up wet towels, or in the foyer for hanging up ball caps, coats, and more.  

Antler Mirrors And Frames

Add dimension and pizzazz to your walls with antler art. Rather than boring, flat, and conventional frames and mirrors, antler décor artisans craft stunning mirrors and picture frames with a creative combination of antlers, rustic barn wood, and metals like forged iron, copper, or silver.

Antler Religious Art

Show your faith with crosses and crucifixes fashioned from antlers of all sizes. From smaller items, such as jewelry, to giant crosses adorned with turquoise or other semi-precious stones, no country home is complete without at least one cross.

Antler Kitchen Décor

Artisans love creating items made from antlers for classic country kitchens. Entwined antlers are used to make small countertop wine racks that nestle three or four bottles of wine. Smaller antlers are used to make kitchen curtain tiebacks or hooks to hang the dishcloth. They're also used for cabinet hardware and drawer pulls as well as light switches.

Hand-blown glass bowls are placed in a cozy of antlers, which creates a stunning tabletop fruit bowl. Antlers are also used to create handles for one-of-a-kind cutlery, knives, and other kitchen utensils. Moose antlers are perfect for making serving trays and platters. Deer antlers and wood combine to make an adorable paper towel holder. Larger antlers are also used to create unique bar stools, chairs, and small footstools, which will go perfectly with your bar or kitchen table made with antlers for the legs.

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