Boost Your Audio Setup with Electrostatic Headphones

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Boost Your Audio Setup with Electrostatic Headphones

18 October 2018
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If you're an audio geek, there are a lot of different toys you'll want to look into. Whether this is part of a hobby or for your professional career, doing your research will help you find whatever tech you need. Investing in a set of electrostatic headphones will be a great investment because you'll get extraordinary sound quality. Before you add these headphones to your collection, read on to learn about these devices so you can make a purchase that'll be helpful to you. 

#1: Read up on the science behind electrostatic headphones and how they can help you

People that work in an audio-driven field may want to use electrostatic headphones to get extract depth and richness from their audio samples. These headphones use electromagnetism to amplify the signals. When you utilize electrostatic headphones, you will enjoy the benefit of lower distortion, a greater range of frequency, and impeccable accuracy that you won't get with any other headphones. This is why music producers and movie scorers use these headphones to manipulate audio with greater precision. These headphones are of professional quality and will help you to notice nuances in music and dialogue that you otherwise couldn't hear. 

#2: Find the model of headphones that will work best for you

As you shop around for a great set of headphones, make sure that you're taking the time to learn which ones are best for the work you create. You may look for different specs based on your chosen profession and area of interest. Since these headphones can easily cost about $2,000, you will also want to put as much research as possible into your purchase. Back your headphone purchase with an insurance plan that protects your headphones. You should also buy a storage case that will keep them intact. 

#3: Purchase the hardware and software that you need

Once you buy electrostatic headphones, you will also need to buy the best hardware and software to get the most out of them. For instance, you'll want to match your audio improvement with a quality set of monitors. Your audio monitors are crucial because they can help you switch back and forth between the headphones to notice subtle differences. Further, invest in the best audio editing software available to play with effects and enhancements. 

Consider the three tips outlined in this article, then start shopping for some electrostatic headphones that will be useful.