5 Unique Types Of Gift Crates For Your Someone Special

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5 Unique Types Of Gift Crates For Your Someone Special

27 July 2019
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If you cannot think of a single large item to buy the special woman in your life, then a gift crate is the perfect option. Usually, these crates are stuffed with a variety of smaller gifts that fit a certain theme. Your special someone can use all the items at once or pull them out over a series of weeks, making the gift last even longer. But what kind of gift crate should you buy for your special person? Here are some unique ideas for women's gift crates.

Nostalgic Candy

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, consider giving them a gift crate filled with candies from the past. This is more interesting than a generic chocolate or candy gift box. They may come across some candies they remember from childhood, or they might discover some old-fashioned candies they've seen in movies.

Fruit and Nuts

The difference between high-quality, organically grown fruit and the fruit you find in your average grocery store is huge. So while giving your friend fruit may sound strange, it's actually a really nice treat. Many fruit boxes also contain some gourmet nuts since eating the two together is so enjoyable. This is a great choice for someone who loves food but is also health-focused.

Home Scents

If your friend always likes their space to smell fresh, look for a gift crate filled with air fresheners, potpourri, and other scented items. You can sometimes find ones that have a more specific theme, such as fall scents or baking-related scents. This is a gift that will really last since your friend can use one item at a time to scent their home.

Barbecue Sauces

Maybe your special someone loves to grill and cook. A basket filled with a variety of barbecue sauces could be really useful. With a selection of sauces on hand, they can save time cooking since they won't need to always mix their own sauces. And they could discover a new favorite for their chicken or ribs.


There is more variety in honey than you might realize. The flavor of the honey changes based on what flowers the bees have been pollinating. You could give your friend a honey gift crate with bottles of honey from different regions, flowers, and seasons. Some crates include things to sample along with the honey, like crackers, nuts, and dried fruits. A book or two on honey might be included, too.