Go On An Artist's Journey While Wearing A Trucker Hat

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Go On An Artist's Journey While Wearing A Trucker Hat

25 March 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

The trucking industry does more than people realize. While virtually everyone knows that trucks carry cargo both long and short distances, the average citizen might not recognize how much truck impact the world economy. Truckers represent an essential part of the supply chain.

One aspect of trucking that people recognize is the classic trucker hat. The hat serves several functional purposes. The brim helps deal with the sun, and the hat itself provides some assistance during cold weather. Even those who aren't truckers like to wear trucker hats to access those functional benefits. By realizing how important truckers are, an artist going on a long-distance drive can draw inspiration while wearing the appropriate hat. 

The Long Trek to Get Work Done

When truckers drive 600 miles, they're doing their job. Some people under the gun to finish a project may find driving 600 miles becomes the only way he/she can complete a critical task. Imagine being an illustrator for an independent crowdfunded graphic novel project. To keep the release from suffering any delays, penciling 60 pages in 30 days becomes necessary. Maybe living in a metropolitan area comes with too much noise for the job. Driving way across the state for a one-month stay in a quiet cabin can provide an alternative. Five-hour drives, especially ones that go through wooded or desert areas, can be dull. Before you put your working hat on, how about putting on a classic trucker hat?

Immersing Yourself in a Character

Great artists feel they become a character when creating one. Why not become a trucker, in spirit, when dealing with that long and drawn-out drive? The hat can serve as a reminder that hardworking men and women are driving dangerous cargo thousands of miles. More than a reminder, the hat becomes an inspiration to keep going.

The Creative Side of the Trucker Hat

An artist or other creative person looking to become productive can draw from a trucker hat's pop-cultural value. The 1970s spawned many classic movies and television shows about truckers and others hitting the road. Think about the hats the heroes and villains wore. Look for a classic hat that matches what iconic actors wore. Classic pop culture can spawn inspiration for new works of pop culture. Let the trucker's hat be your thinking hat while driving. Or, consider it your "working hat" when the time comes to work on those pages.

Be sure to purchase a well-stitched, high-quality hat. You want a durable one that lasts, too.