3 Types Of Subscription Gifts Ideal For Chemo Treatment Centers

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3 Types Of Subscription Gifts Ideal For Chemo Treatment Centers

30 June 2021
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Going through chemotherapy is no easy task. Patients often have to spend hours going through each treatment session. The sessions are no easy task and any support you give can go a long way in helping patients cope. Along with standard gifts like blankets and pillows, consider a continuous gift in the form of a subscription.

As you shop to provide prostate cancer support or support for other cancers, consider some subscription gift ideas you can have sent directly to the hospital. Once the subscription is in place, you can feel good knowing cancer patients will have the new items to look forward to each month. Below are some subscription ideas. 

1. Magazine Subscriptions

Reading is often done to help pass the time through chemo sessions and you can provide new reading materials each month through magazine subscriptions. A gift subscription will get the magazine sent directly to the chemo area so the patients have up to date materials.

You can select from a wide range of magazines and even order a couple subscriptions at the same time to give patients different reading options. Magazine subscriptions are typically on an annual basis, giving patients a whole year of reading materials.

Consider a visit to find out what magazines patients are interested in most or ask staff what magazines get read the most to help you make your decision.

2. Adult Coloring Book Subscription Boxes

Along with reading, one of the newest trends for patients has been adult coloring books. Coloring helps relax patients and allows them to pass the time with a fun hobby. Provide coloring books and supplies through an adult coloring book subscription box.

The box comes with books to color and accessories like crayons or colored pencils. Some of the subscription boxes you shop for will come with specific themes like animals or landscapes. A new box comes each month so patients will have plenty of coloring options to help get through sessions.

3. Sock Subscription Boxes

Warm compression socks are commonly used to help with blood flow and cold management during chemo treatments. Give the gift of socks to patients through subscription boxes. Boxes often come with a random assortment of socks, including multiple patterns and designs.

When you order a sock subscription box, select long socks as the best option each month. Hospital staff can gift pairs directly to patients or offer a basket of the socks for patients to grab from when needed. Each month, the sock supply is replenished through your gift subscription.

As you shop to provide cancer support, every little effort goes a long way in helping cancer patients get through treatment.