Commercial Carpet Tips For Business Owners

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Commercial Carpet Tips For Business Owners

8 September 2021
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Adding carpeting to your business can vastly improve the aesthetics of the interior, and it can also reduce the amount of noise echoing in the building. For a person that may not have much experience with having carpeting on their floors, it can be harder for them to know what to look for when making this purchase or the type of care that will be needed.

Choose Fire-Resistant Carpeting Materials

Depending on the type of work that is occurring at your business, there may be an elevated risk of a fire starting. Once a fire starts, the carpeting can quickly allow it to spread throughout the structure. Luckily, there are commercial carpeting options that are designed to be extremely fire resistant. These carpeting options can help to slow the spread of a fire so that your employees can have more time to respond or evacuate. In addition to being a good investment for improving safety, this may be a feature that is legally required by your local building codes.

Evaluate The Benefits Of Nylon Carpeting

Commercial carpeting will have the added challenge of being prone to suffering extreme amounts of traffic due to the customers and employees that will travel across it over time. Choosing a carpet fiber that is extremely durable will be essential for you to avoid the need to replace the carpet for a very long time. Luckily, carpeting that is made with nylon fibers can be extremely durable, which can make it ideal for the high traffic floors of a business. In addition to being an extremely durable option, nylon is also largely stain-resistant, which can help keep the carpet looking great even in situations where spills may have occurred.

Follow A Care Schedule For The Carpeting

Your new carpet will have a basic maintenance schedule that will need to be followed to keep it looking its best. Vacuuming the carpet every few days can be one of the easiest and most basic types of maintenance for the floors. However, this is not the only care that the carpets may need. If a section of the carpet rips or tears, repairs should be scheduled quickly. Otherwise, the damage will be far more likely to spread in response to individuals walking over it. If these damages are small, it may be possible to apply a patch that can hold the damaged ends of the carpet together. Conversely, severe carpet damage may result in sections of it needing to be replaced. While this can be a far more involved repair, it may not be very disruptive to your business as a commercial carpeting contractor will likely be able to complete this repair in a few hours.

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