Buying Bath Bombs For Kids

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Buying Bath Bombs For Kids

22 April 2022
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Who doesn't like relaxing in the tub with a nice bath bomb? It can be fun to watch the bath bomb fizz and sizzle. And often, the ingredients in the bath bomb are soothing and nicely scented, which means you emerge from the bath feeling relaxed and with softer skin. Kids can enjoy bath bombs, too. However, not all bath bombs are equally suited for kids. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you shop for bath bombs for children.

Look for natural scents

Some scent ingredients can be irritating or harsh for sensitive skin, and kids' skin is often more sensitive than the skin of adults. So, if possible, you want to stay away from bath bombs with a lot of heavy scents and instead opt for those scented with more natural ingredients, such as essential oils. There are even unscented bath bombs, which aren't quite as fun but may be a good choice if you already know your child is sensitive to scents and perfumes. 

Go as colorful as possible

For kids, especially, the core attraction of the bath bomb is often the color of the bomb and the colors it puts off into the water. So, you might want to look for a bath bomb that's really colorful. Save the white or cream-colored ones for your own bath. For your child, you want rainbow colors and/or patterns—whatever really seems to catch their eye.

Pick larger bath bombs

Kids have a tendency to put things in their mouths, which you already know as a parent, of course. It's best not to leave young kids unattended with a bath bomb if you think that may try to put it in their mouths. However, choosing a larger bath bomb can also make this less of a worry. Bath bombs can look like candy, so it's understandable that a child might try to eat one. If they lick a huge bath bomb, it won't taste great, but it's better than them putting a smaller bath bomb in their mouth because they thought it looked like a jawbreaker.

Bath bombs can be great fun for kids. Look for the features above when considering various bath bombs to purchase. A lot of the bath bombs out there are well-sized for kids, made with natural scents, and nice and colorful, so you should not feel like your selection is too limited. Look for children's handmade luxury bath bombs near you to see what options you have.