Body Armor Plates — Sizing, Curvature, And Rating Variables

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Body Armor Plates — Sizing, Curvature, And Rating Variables

28 October 2022
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Metal and ceramic body armor plates are designed to protect the vital organs from bullets. If you are an active military member or police officer, your line of work may necessitate that you wear body armor. Use the following shopping tips to ensure that the armor plates that you purchase will provide adequate coverage and not restrict your body from moving comfortably.

Plate Sizing

When shopping for body armor plates, take note of the sizing chart that a manufacturer has supplied. Sizing won't necessarily correlate with the sizing standards that a clothing retailer follows. You should be aware of your chest measurements. This includes being knowledgeable about the measurement from the top of your chest to the bottom of it and the measurement from the left part of your chest to the right part.

The heart should be adequately covered by a plate. Most body armor plate products are designed to cover the liver, spine, spleen, and kidneys too. Plates should be worn in pairs and should each be aligned to match up along the front and back of the body and the sides of the body.


The human body naturally curves. The curvature of a person's body could differ from the curvature of another person's body. Because body types are so diverse, a manufacturer of bulletproof plates may sell several plate products that each feature a unique curvature. The body armor plates that you purchase should gently follow the natural curves of your body. The plates can be secured with straps or can be secured inside a lined vest that contains plate pouches.


Body armor is designed to protect civilians and professionals. Products are rated based on the material that a plate product is constructed of and the level of protection that it provides. Soft products that are designed to make protective vests will possess a low rating. Steel or ceramic plate products, which each provide more protection, will possess a higher rating. Review the product guidelines that a manufacturer has provided.

Consider your current job responsibilities. You will want to purchase a series of plates that will provide you with the protection you need, plus that won't restrict your movements. A plate manufacturer will provide the weight of each plate product that they feature. Some manufacturers may sell kits that contain all of the plates that an end user will need. A kit may include anchoring materials for the set of plates.

For more information on bulletproof armor plates, contact a professional near you.